Icescape recognizes the increasing urgency for a collaborative effort to protect our environment and combat climate change. We are keen to continue and build on our existing sustainability practice, and as such, we have introduced a number of measures to reduce our carbon footprints.

  • Offset Carbon to UK Carbon Association Member
  • Most energy efficient temporary real ice rink on the market – designed and manufactured our own aluminium piping rink system
  • All liquid glycol used in the rink systems are drained and re-used
  • Chiller contractors use low footprint packaged i-Chillers which are Eco-Design compliant
  • Annual kit check to resource materials and equipment
  • Use low energy LED lighting
  • Electric/hybrid company cars
  • Company recycling waste system
  • Appointed Company Environmental Officer
Certified Carbon Gold Award

In 2022 we became a member of ‘My Carbon Plan’ to become a carbon neutral company. We wanted to make the maximum impact and the My Carbon Plan approach and their UK projects is something that we had to be a part of. We offset all our employees carbon footprints annually and as a company data track and assess our carbon emissions to also offset.


In 2024 Icescape achieved the Certified Carbon Gold Award for acting positively on climate change.

The Certified Carbon Registry is the UK’s fastest growing database of corporate carbon footprints, carbon offsets and carbon reductions plans. We are extremely proud of this award and to be a part of the Carbon Registry with so many other UK companies and organizations that are acting on carbon.


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