Skate Southampton Ice Rink


We are one of the largest and most experienced temporary real ice rink hire solution suppliers in the UK.  We have an expert team and a proven track record of delivering high quality skating experiences.

At Icescape we use our own unique ice system which has been specifically designed for its rapid deployment and quick-freezing properties. Glycol refrigerant is pumped through our cleverly designed pipe system which freezes water within contact over a short period of time.


Once a layer of ice has formed, additional water is added until that layer freezes. This process is repeated until the combined layers are thick enough to provide a high-quality smooth skating surface. Side barriers are fitted during the process to complete the rink providing a secure, attractive and practical skating venue.

When our rinks are dismantled after an event, all harmful fluids are drained and collected ready for re-use further enhancing our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Ambient weather conditions can obviously change significantly and with this in mind, our system has been created to avoid as many potential issues as possible. Our rapid freezing technology means that our rinks dry out more quickly, allowing them to stay open during bad weather. This is of course extremely important when it comes to turnover and profit!


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