Skating Aids

What Skating Aids Do We Offer at Icescape?

Skating aids are really popular with younger skaters and provide extra support to give them more confidence on the ice. At Icescape, we stock two types of skate aids; penguins and seals.

What is the difference between the penguin and seal?

Our Penguin is a push along skate aid; so it won’t be long until younger ones are skating all by themselves. They have two handles at the top of the penguin that children can easily grip and are weighted to offer stability on the ice.

The Seal is a sit on & push along skate aid; toddlers can take a ride on the back while older children or adults push and steer them along the ice. These also stack nicely on top of each other so are nice and easy to store close to your ice rink.

Both our skate aids are very durable and made of moulded plastic, which means there is no maintenance required.  They are resistant to cold temperatures and are waterproof. Skate aids can also be used as an advertising opportunity, with some of our ice rinks using specific branding/advertising and even running competitions beforehand for customers to name them! They can be a good source of extra revenue for your ice rink and winter event.

For more information on other extras we can provide for your event please visit our accessories page.