Bournemouth Ice Rink

It’s always Winter somewhere…

The title of the blog isn’t meant to fill you with sad thoughts about cold temperatures and blustery winds, but with positive ones about toasted marshmallows, colourful leg warmers and an open fire! Not to mention the ‘Frozen’ fancy dress that isn’t ever allowed to be put away, whatever the weather! It is always winter somewhere!


London Eye Ice Rink

Spring clean before Winter

We certainly aren’t wishing away the summer months, but as the team at Icescape Ltd clean, repair and label all of the elements that go in to our real ice rinks, ready for the Winter season – we can’t help but look ahead and get excited about this year’s festive fun.

Warehouse always working

stacked rink always                         FullSizeRender

We’ll forgive you for not being able to imagine these stacks of equipment turning in to frost covered real ice rinks, waiting for eager families to don their skates and scarves before stepping confidently on to the ice! (Then grabbing a well earned hot chocolate afterwards to calm the nerves!) But it just goes to show that work never stops at Icescape and our rinks are always kept in fantastic condition year round!

See you in that Winter coat soon…