Icescape becomes a Carbon Neutral Company

Icescape Becomes a Carbon Neutral Company

At Icescape we have always been conscious of our sustainability practice. Over the years, we have introduced a number of different measures and this helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

A new initiative as part of our 2022 Sustainability Policy is that we have become a carbon neutral company and are now a member of My Carbon Plan. My Carbon Plan is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to carbon offset projects in the UK. Working with the UK Carbon Association Member we have can measure, reduce and offset our company carbon footprint.

Did you know, less than 1% of global carbon credits are being created in UK and Europe. We wanted to support carbon sequestration schemes in the UK if possible. We our really proud to have been part of the planting of short rotation coppice willow. The planting site in the Lake District, UK. Planting new trees is an effective way of capturing carbon and they capture more carbon. This is because they are growing, compared to when they are fully mature. As a donor we are also supporting the Trillion Tree Challenge. This is an initiative which has planted 13.6 billion trees so far.

For more information on how Icescape is a sustainable business please visit this page.