The Icescape ice rink system

How Does Our Ice Rink System Work?

We often get asked questions about how our temporary ice rinks work –

  • ‘Are your ice rinks made of real ice?’
  • ‘How do you transport and set up the ice rink?’
  • ‘How long does it take to install and freeze?’

At Icescape we use our own unique ice system which has been specifically designed for its rapid deployment and quick-freezing properties. Our bespoke aluminium piping design is the most energy efficient system on the market and it comes in folded sections so it is easily transported and installed. The aluminium elements are made up of 1m wide and 5m long sections that can be made to any lengths, to create an ice rink any size, big or small.

Diagram of the Icescape Ice Rink System

You need to ensure that you have enough power on site and a water supply. Liquid glycol refrigerant is pumped around the system from the buffer tank and using low footprint chillers is refrigerated to the required temperature. The ice pad is then flooded with water to form the first later of ice, then this process is repeated until the combined layers are thick enough to provide a high quality smooth ice skating surface for your rink.

Typically it will take 2-3 days to build the ice rink and then a further 36-72 hours to freeze the water, but this will depend on the size and construction of each ice rink.