Ice Re-surfacers in the Icescape Yard

A Spring clean at Icescape HQ

Icescape Yard 2

As Spring is now firmly bedding in and we leave thoughts of Christmas and ice safely behind us, the team at Icescape aren’t taking a quick break quite yet. It is Spring cleaning time.


With more artic trailers, re-surfacers and vehicles than ever before (and all in a sensible bright white), it’s a tough task to keep them all sparkling. With the addition of our new re-surfacing machines before the last season, we help to ensure the ice rink surface is kept clean and smooth. These vehicles lay down a layer of clean water, which will freeze to form a smooth ice surface, in order to give skaters a great experience.


Another off-season job is to sharpen and maintain the thousands of pairs of ice-skates in our expansive warehouses. With the purchase last Autumn of a Blackstone Sports – Technology (Flat Bottom V®) patented skate sharpening system, we are able to provide our customers with skates that allow for superior endurance, enhanced agility and better control over the ice.


A less glamorous, but still necessary task involves blast washing thousands of square metres of rubber matting. This is used at our ice rink installations to allow skaters to walk to the rink from the skate exchange area, and back, safely and without damaging the blades. Busy, busy, busy!

Our Icescape hospitality event is just around the corner so stay tuned for more updates on our recent antics!