Icescape @ The Tropicana is OPEN!

Icescape @ The Tropicana

Icescape’s very own event is underway. Icescape @ The Tropicana. Located in Weston-super-mare inside the iconic building, a great variety of festive activities for the entire family await you.

Entrance into the venue is free of charge, so feel free to walk in and soak up the festive atmosphere, and perhaps join in on the activities we’ve put on… so what is there to do?

The largest covered real winter ice rink in the UK

Holding up to 500 people at any one time. Whatever the weather is like, our sister company Danco plc have provided cover using their Clearspan marquees. With clear roofs, it lets the light in during the day, and when the evening comes, the stars shine down onto the rink. No rain or snow will damage the ice whilst visitors are skating around at Icescape @ The Tropicana – ensuring a great skating experience for those who visit.

After each session, our specialists will check the ice to see if it requires our ice resurfacers to smooth over all of the ice, ensuring an optimum skating surface for the next visitors. It’s like clock work!

If you are looking to partake in any of the Icescape @ The Tropicana activities inside the venue, tokens can be purchased from the box office for £2 each. Or on special offer, 6 for £10. Each activity only requires one token per person.

So what is there to do? …

Snow Slide and Igloo Bar

For your adrenaline rush, there’s a large slide next to the rink. Jump on a rubber ring and slide all the way down!

The igloo bar has real ice tables for you to place our large selection of refreshments on. With Christmas music playing, and festive decorations covering the entire inflatable igloo, it’s a perfect pit stop after building up a thirst from your skating session.

Pippin’s igloo

You may see Pippin wandering around greeting guests, but where does he live? The igloo located next to the Christmas rollercoaster is covered in Christmas lights and decorations. During the day there’s an area where children and adults can get their face painted for the price of just two tokens per person.

Christmas Rollercoaster

Fo one token per go, the rollercoaster is a brilliant addition to the festive location. A thrilling ride with views of the venue, you’re sure to have a great time.

There is plenty to see and plenty to do. Icescape @ The Tropicana is open from 3rd November until the 7th January, so make sure to visit!

To book tickets, you can go online, or go to the box office inside the venue.

View a map of the venue below:

Icescape @ The Tropicana Map

Map of Icescape @ The Tropicana

Icescape @ The Tropicana get a BBC Radio Bristol Interview!

Icescape are excited to host an exciting winter wonderland-esque event this winter. Located in Weston-super-Mare, at the iconic Tropicana location which has sadly gone unused for many years. It will be back to its best, brilliantly decorated, and will contain many festively entertaining activities for all of the family to enjoy. The Operations Manager, Jamie Dann spoke on behalf of the company for the BBC Radio Bristol Interview on Monday morning. He discussed when tickets will go on sale and what will be available at the event. In case you missed it, check the clip at the end of this article as we’ve managed to get the whole interview with Emma Britton!

Icescape @ The Tropicana opens on the 3rd November and will close on the 7th January. Tickets go on sale very soon.

For all of the latest information on Icescape @ The Tropicana, visit, and our Facebook and Twitter.

What’s on?

Ice Rink

Proud to be the largest under cover winter ice rink in the UK. This ice rink will be able to have  up to 500 people skating on the ice at any time! The covered rink means that everyone will be able to enjoy the real ice no matter what the weather is like.

Santa’s Grotto & Igloo Bar

The spectacular Santa’s grotto is hidden within a North Pole themed igloo and children will get the chance to meet the man himself and take away a quality, individually wrapped gift. For the rest, there will be plenty of ice tables in the artic bar to rest your drink upon and pull up a bar stool!

There are plenty of other attractions too, from a giant snow slide which will be located at the back of the location, to a Christmas Carousel AND rollercoaster, Icescape @ The Tropicana should keep you entertained for a while.

Icescape @ The Tropicana has great links to the M5 and offers free parking for on-line bookings in a designated seafront car park. The train station only a 10-minute walk away and trains to Bristol Temple Meads run every half an hour … it’s a Winter event not to be missed

Listen to the BBC Radio Bristol interview with Jamie below:

Icescape @ The Tropicana Coming Soon!

Icescape are excited to announce the opening of a brand new festive destination at Weston-super-Mare this winter, called Icescape @ The Tropicana!

Icescape HQ have been hard at work planning the magical takeover of the Tropicana for the past few weeks, and it’s safe to say – it’s going to look spectacular.

Icescape @ The Tropicana

The Biggest Covered Winter Ice Rink in the UK

Boasting the largest winter covered REAL ice rink in the country, there’s plenty of space for you and your friends to enjoy a skate session, and no matter what the weather is like, you will be covered by a massive marquee (courtesty of our sister company, Danco plc) which will be beautifully decorated with festive lights. The cover will ensure you stay dry, and the ice stays crisp.

Visit the Igloo Bar 

Complimenting the rink, Icescape are excited to show off our IceDome, which will host an Igloo Bar with Ice tables for you to enjoy a beverage whilst looking out at all of our giant Christmas decorations covering the area.

Meet Santa Claus in the Christmas Grotto 

A magical Santa’s grotto will also be close by, where children of all ages can visit Santa Claus himself, (and his helpers of course!).  Santa will give out great presents to all the children who visit him.

To top it all off, there will be a carousel close-by  which will only add to the festive atmosphere at Icescape @ The Tropicana.

There will be plenty to do, and plenty to see, so make sure you keep a look out for our announcement on tickets, and make sure to come down and see this magical event unfold!

Icescape @ The Tropicana coming soon

Visit our stand-alone website for this event:

Keep up to date with the latest Icescape @ The Tropicana news on Facebook and Twitter.

View our exciting teaser trailer for the upcoming event here:


A Spring clean at Icescape HQ

Icescape Yard 2

As Spring is now firmly bedding in and we leave thoughts of Christmas and ice safely behind us, the team at Icescape aren’t taking a quick break quite yet!

Fleet Expansion

With more artic trailers, re-surfacers and vehicles than ever before (and all in a sensible bright white), it’s a tough task to keep them all sparkling. With the addition of our new re-surfacing machines before the last season, we help to ensure the ice rink surface is kept clean and smooth. These vehicles lay down a layer of clean water, which will freeze to form a smooth ice surface, in order to give skaters a great experience.

Sharpen Up

Another off-season job is to sharpen and maintain the thousands of pairs of ice-skates in our expansive warehouses. With the purchase last Autumn of a Blackstone Sports – Technology (Flat Bottom V®) patented skate sharpening system, we are able to provide our customers with skates that allow for superior endurance, enhanced agility and better control over the ice.

Washing Winter away

A less glamorous, but still necessary task involves blast washing thousands of square metres of rubber matting. This is used at our ice rink installations to allow skaters to walk to the rink from the skate exchange area, and back, safely and without damaging the blades. Busy, busy, busy!

Our Icescape hospitality event is just round the corner so stay tuned for more updates on our recent antics!

See the gallery pictures below for evidence of our team in action …

Icescape’s activities at Beckworth Emporium

We’re well in to the New Year

Christmas may be over, and 2016 has come and gone. But all isn’t doom and gloom! We had a fantastic season with our many temporary real ice rinks around the UK, and we’re still excited to show them all off!

Twirling and Curling on Ice!

Located in Beckworth Emporium, our ice rink sits at close to 700sqm, plenty of space for you to skate with style, (or grab on to the safety barriers!). If that isn’t enough, we also built two curling lanes for up to 8 people per lane to practice their skills. Judging by the above clip, take care when curling! At Icescape we are able to provide a fully bespoke package for our clients’ every need.

Under Cover? No Bother!

The rink itself is built inside a glass house nursery meaning that no matter what the weather is like, it won’t stop you from skating on a perfect ice surface. We pride ourselves on offering the highest standard in skating experiences.

To add to the experience, lighting and music within the rink added to the already very festive atmosphere. Alongside a bar and a café, with purpose built toilet facilities and VIP areas, the entire emporium was a perfect destination to enjoy the festive season as there was plenty to do.

Custom built for safe customers

As you can see in the gallery below, hundreds of fairy lights hung from the ceiling and the ‘Ice Café and ‘Blizzard Bar’ were next to the rink for you to enjoy a large selection of refreshments to refuel or prepare you for your skating session!

Due to the design of the nursery, we had to create custom cushioning pads to fit around each of the poles in the ice rink to make the skating experience extra safe for everyone!

Please view our selection of images below to see the rink in action …



Apres Skate at Bournemouth Lower Gardens


At over 600 sqm, our temporary ice rink build at Bournemouth Lower gardens could house up to 200 people at one time! A significant amount, and we are very proud to have been a part of such a great turnout.

The ice rink itself is situated in Bournemouth Lower Gardens, a beautiful location all year round, and even more-so during the festive season because of the atmospheric lighting. Due to this, it is a perfect location to add an ice rink because of the number of customers passing by, meaning the rink was consistently enjoyed by many!

A listed destination

The grade II listed gardens are famous in Bournemouth, and having an Ice Rink placed here meant that we were a part of the must-visit destination in the town centre.

Festive treats were on sale at the concession stands placed around the perimeter of the rink. A selection of food and beverage, from beers and mulled wines to luxury hot chocolates were all available around the rustic Alpine chalets for customers to enjoy! Warming up and refueling in the ‘Apres Skate’ bar before or after each session on the ice, helped everyone get into the spirit during the Christmas period.

Apres ‘Skate’ Awards

Bournemouth Gardens received ‘The Bournemouth Tourism 2016 Award-Winning “Best Night Out” Après-Skate chalet’, and it’s no surprise when you take a look at the gallery!

We provided skating aids for the younger, and less confident on the ice to enjoy themselves. We’re sure you’ll agree that the rink looks brilliant from the pictures.

We’re proud to provide a high standard product to our clients, with the option of a fully bespoke rental package to suit your requirements. Browse our website for products we offer, and more examples of our builds!

Icescape Pull up at the Port of Dover!


Our rink at the Port of Dover is in full swing! Located at the Cruise Terminal 1 building, formerly the Dover Marine Station at Western Docks, this is the first Christmas event ever at this location, and we are delighted to be the contracted supplier of the rink there!

At 30m long, the rink is a perfect size for people to skate around with their friends and family, and you may be able to spot and reserve a few of our famous ‘Bobby the Seal’ skating aids when you get there!

A Rustic, Cosy Christmas

The perimeter of our ice rink is sealed off with a wooden barrier, which by combining with the tasteful decoration around the terminal, Port of Dover have created a cosy atmosphere. You’ll also notice in the images in the gallery that the Christmas lights have been placed all the way around the rink, illuminating the night and making it feel even more festive!

We have some fantastic pictures showing off the rink. We think you’ll agree that the place is looking very magical, and a great location to go skating on the run up to the big day! Christmas day that is … not a wedding day!

Markets, Music, and more …

There’s an English themed Christmas Market open on Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays. It will be open throughout the week just before Christmas, where you can enjoy music and decorations with unique gifts and Christmas themed family activities and workshops. so head on down and enjoy the festivities, as there’s plenty to do!

Our ice rink at The Port of Dover opened on Monday 7th of November, and will run all the way through until Monday 2nd January 2017, meaning there’s still plenty of time to get your skates on!


Icescape Covers up for Bolton Winterfest this Christmas!


Under cover festivities!

Bolton town centre has officially been transformed into a Winter Festival destination, and with the help of Icescape, people can soak up the atmosphere with a bit of skating!

The Bolton Ice rink is now open and ready for business, their first ever covered ice rink sits at over 400 sqm in size, which is a great amount of space for anyone to slide (or glide) around on. From a seasoned expert to a novice, the rink is for all people of all ages making it a fantastic facility for everyone.

Penguin’s playground

This year they even have Penguin Club, a parent and child ice skating session which offers the perfect introduction to ice skating!covered-ice-rink1

With clear roofs and solid sides court-ice-y (sorry!) of Danco, you can skate no matter what the weather is like: rain, snow, or sleet, you can keep those skates on your feet! The ice will always be crisp, and in perfect condition for you to enjoy.

Skating in a Winter Wonderland

Hbolton-ice-rinkow many more sleeps? … the countdown to Christmas is on… what better way to make the time slide by than to hit the ice with your friends / family?

As one of the largest providers of real ice rink hire in the UK, Icescape pride themselves on supplying high quality, bespoke ice rinks using specialist equipment which guarantees the highest standard in skating experiences.

Bolton Ice rink is open from 1st December until 8th January. Book tickets here

Icescape insight – Bath on Ice!

Bath on Ice Drone View

The Coolest Ice Rink in Bath…

Most would agree that Royal Victoria Park is one of the most beautiful venues in Bath, and we are proud to say that’s where our next featured ice rink is currently located!

The rink looks fantastic, with a picturesque view of the iconic Bath stone buildings against the fresh winter sky. As you can see from our images in the gallery below, we took some spectacular shots thanks to the Danco drone!

Bath on Ice Drone View

The rink is over 400 sqm in size, and as you can see by the pictures, that’s more than enough space to slide round in style. We provided some additional penguin skate aids for our client to supplement their own stock too, always there to lend a helping … wing!

Bath on Ice Drone View

Icescape Gets the Job Done!

The installation took a couple of weeks in total, due to the build site being so tight and with very restricted access, everything had to be lifted in over a fence with a rotating telehandler!

When you walk through the front entrance, underneath the well lit Chinese hats (all structures provided by Danco of course!), you are welcomed in to a cosy, warm atmosphere. Comfy furniture, with wooden log decals placed along the walls to imitate a real alpine ski lodge makes the entire place really look the part. Don’t believe us? Head down there yourself!

Once you literally ‘get your skates on’, the sessions run in 45 minute periods, giving everyone plenty of time to throw some shapes on the ice. Safety precautions are recommended.

Re-fuel in style

After that, you can refuel in their fullylicensed bar which sells anything from lemonade to champagne! They also have freshly made Pizza cooked in a wood fire oven, and snacks for you to enjoy before and/or after you skate.

Bath on Ice is open from the 18th Novemboi-4ber 2016 until the 3rd January 2017 (Every day except Christmas Day), so head on down!

Our Danco drone promotional video is worth a look too (click the image) ….