Millets Farm


Frosts Garden Centre at Millets Farm, Milton Keynes.

Project Brief:

We were contacted to provide close to 550 sqm of genuine ice for the Frosts Garden Centre at Millets Farm for the 2016 Christmas period. With our proven track record and experience, we were proud to fulfil our clients’ requirements. Providing a fully bespoke rental package, we could provide everything our client needed.

The Solution:

The specially prepared rustic wooden barriers were installed to compliment the ambience and appearance of the rink. The rink was then covered with a large clearspan structure supplied by our parent company, Danco plc and measuring over 700 sqm. Clear roofs and festive lighting was then installed on the structure to give a magical outdoor feeling whilst protecting the skaters and the rink from any adverse weather. An additional structure was also installed adjoining the rink, providing a café facility which complimented the facilities available for the thousands of skaters and visitors to the venue. We also provided a purpose built airdome igloo which formed the skate exchange and housed over 400 pairs of skates of all sizes.

40 skate aids in the form of Seals were provided for those younger visitors enabling them to also have fun on the ice. Icescape provided theming and additional equipment including a large generator which was required to supplement the venues existing electrical supply.

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Our gallery on this ice rink is coming soon!