Bournemouth Lower Gardens


Bournemouth Lower Gardens

Project Brief:

We were contacted to provide Bournemouth Lower Gardens with their temporary ice rink for the festive season. With our proven track record and reputation in giving our clients’ the best quality product with the most efficient installation possible, we were happy to fulfil their requirements based on their needs and budget.

The Solution:

Our rink in Bournemouth’s Lower Gardens measured over 600 sqm in size, which gave ample space for a significant number of visitors to skate at one time. For the younger or less confident skaters, Icescape provided some fun Seal shaped skating aids to help. We also look after the skate provision, which are well-maintained in our depot before the Winter hire period.

As you can see from the gallery below, the rink looked incredibly festive with the bespoke built Alpine chalets around the rink perimeter. The Bournemouth Tourism 2016 Award-Winning “Best Night Out” Après-Skate chalets served a vast selection of warming food and drinks. Our services don’t just stop at real ice, for more information on the range of products we can offer, click here.

The Après-Skate chalets and ice rink combined perfectly to give any visitor looking to enjoy the festivities during the Christmas period the most memorable experience.

As one of the largest and most experienced temporary Ice Rink hire solution suppliers in the UK, Icescape pride themselves on offering the most efficient and highest quality products on the market. This gives our clients’ customers the best standard in skating experiences no matter the size, or location of the rink.

With our award-winning temporary structures and flooring systems, the location of your rink can be almost anywhere. If you are interested in using our services, contact us here.