Beckworth Emporium


Beckworth Emporium, Northampton.

Project Brief:

Beckworth contacted us to request a genuine ice rink, which even included curling lanes and a target. Using our knowledge and experience of providing high quality ice rinks, we were more than happy to provide our client with the products they required.

The Solution:

This ice rink boasts a total size of  over 690 sqm, with over 170 sqm of extra ice for customers to go curling. The curling area has enough space for a maximum of eight players on the ice at any one time, and within this space there is enough room for two curling lanes complete with a submerged target. The rink is situated in a glass house nursery meaning that customers can skate no matter what the weather is like, allowing for a constant footfall of traffic for the client, as no matter the conditions outside, it won’t affect the ice surface.

The lighting and music within the rink provides a very festive atmosphere, this alongside a bar and a café, with purpose built toilet facilities and VIP areas, everything tied together to create the perfect attraction for visitors to attend Beckworth Emporium and enjoy.

As the images have shown, the entire area has enough space to allow a large number of individuals at once. There is over 200 seats in the Ice Café to enjoy the variation of refreshments which are available. The Blizzard Bar lounge also seats over 50 people.

Skates and cushioning pads .. the perfect (necessary) combination

Alongside the ice rink and curling area, Icescape provided over 800 pairs of skates. However the customer supplied all furniture dressings and skate aids.

The rink was placed directly on the gritsand floor of the nursery as the surface was sufficiently level. As you can see in the images below, custom cushioning pads were made and fitted to cover the steel pillars on the ice rink to ensure safety of the customers.

See the gallery of Beckworth Emporium below …