Bath On Ice


Bath on Ice, Royal Victoria Park, Bath.

Project Brief:

Located in the beautiful Royal Victoria park, a perfectly central location for access to Bath’s famous tourism spots, the placement of the rink will allow a high footfall of customers. The management team contracted Icescape to provide our real ice technology for the rink installation, to compliment some festive lighting and a backdrop of the picturesque view of Bath.

Our rink at Bath on Ice measured just shy of 500 sqm, which is an easily manageable size for customers to skate round on. Along one side of the rink stands a 30m long structure containing the skate exchange, housing 400 skates! Next to this, a row of 5x5m Chinese Hats which housed a bar, a pizza kitchen, and some ‘Alpine chic’ style seating areas.


We fulfilled the clients’ requirements by fitting a high quality, real ice rink that ensures a superior skating experience for their customers. We also provided seal and penguin skating aids for hire out to families if required. Danco provided and assembled the structures around the perimeter of the rink, they also provided the cassette flooring and fashioned a ramp entrance for ease of access to customers. The entire area tied together to look brilliant.

Please view the gallery below to see the rink in action …

In just under two weeks, the project was completed. Due to the nature of the location, our build crew needed to skillfully use a telehandler to manoeuvre equipment on to the tennis court. However, due to our teams’ experience levels, this difficult site was handled efficiently.

Using the Danco drone, we managed to capture some fantastic shots at various angles of the rink.

We also have a drone video highlighting the rink (click here).