Icescape’s activities at Beckworth Emporium

We’re well in to the New Year

Christmas may be over, and 2016 has come and gone. But all isn’t doom and gloom! We had a fantastic season with our many temporary real ice rinks around the UK, and we’re still excited to show them all off!

Twirling and Curling on Ice!

Located in Beckworth Emporium, our ice rink sits at close to 700sqm, plenty of space for you to skate with style, (or grab on to the safety barriers!). If that isn’t enough, we also built two curling lanes for up to 8 people per lane to practice their skills. Judging by the above clip, take care when curling! At Icescape we are able to provide a fully bespoke package for our clients’ every need.

Under Cover? No Bother!

The rink itself is built inside a glass house nursery meaning that no matter what the weather is like, it won’t stop you from skating on a perfect ice surface. We pride ourselves on offering the highest standard in skating experiences.

To add to the experience, lighting and music within the rink added to the already very festive atmosphere. Alongside a bar and a café, with purpose built toilet facilities and VIP areas, the entire emporium was a perfect destination to enjoy the festive season as there was plenty to do.

Custom built for safe customers

As you can see in the gallery below, hundreds of fairy lights hung from the ceiling and the ‘Ice Café and ‘Blizzard Bar’ were next to the rink for you to enjoy a large selection of refreshments to refuel or prepare you for your skating session!

Due to the design of the nursery, we had to create custom cushioning pads to fit around each of the poles in the ice rink to make the skating experience extra safe for everyone!

Please view our selection of images below to see the rink in action …