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Bluewater on Ice


Would you like ice with that?

As our rinks are now all fully installed and skaters from all over the country are flocking to the ice to don their skates, we will be posting a feature on each of our clients over the coming weeks.

First up is the very impressive Bluewater Ice Rink in Kent, we are proud to say that it’s officially open for business!

 Woolly hats for Winter

The winter season is most definitely upon us, meaning family festivities and general excitement for Christmas are well under way. Think woolly hats, leg warmers and a warming cup of mulled wine …

Our generous 595 sqm rink at Bluewater is covered with 25m wide transparent roof panels, provided by the team at Danco Plc meaning customers can skate the day away whatever the weather! Well recommended in the good old UK climate.


Alpine Refreshments

The rink itself is located lakeside, outside the West Village and our new alpine cabins have been assembled for the traders to refreshments, including freshly made waffles, a great way to refuel after a while on the ice!



 All that twinkles …

Alongside the Christmas snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and the elegant icicle lights covering the perimeter of the 1000 sqm plus temporary structure, it all ties together to create a wonderfully festive atmosphere.

The rink itself is 45m in length on a weighted suspended floor system as you can see by the images, it looks fantastic! Plenty of room to get up some speed.


 Professional ice installers

We provided screening to hide the chilling equipment, and bespoke ramping systems to allow safe and easy customer access to the rink.

Our specialist equipment ensures we remain at the highest standard in skating experiences at any location. We pride ourselves on giving all customers who visit our rinks the best experience possible, and Bluewater is no exception.

Bluewater Ice Rink is open from Thursday 17th November until Monday 2nd January. Don’t forget a trip to Santa’s Grotto!